Yes.  Platinum Valet holds all of the paperwork with regards to our being licensed and insured.  Believe it or not, not all parking companies are.  You can rest at ease knowing that your parking services adhere to the highest standards of the law, so both you and your guests are protected. General Liability ($1,000,000/$3,000,000) Covers pedestrians and property damage    Garage Keeper’s Legal Liability ($100,000 any one unit with a $500,000 aggregate) Covers fire, theft and collision to all valet parked vehicles    Worker’s Compensation ($100,000/$500,000) Covers any injury a valet attendant may incur

The first step is arranging a free consultation with us in person or over the phone.  Once we understand your needs we will then furnish a service document outlining scope of work, pricing and payment options.  Upon agreement of these terms, we will then begin facilitating those services

Yes.  Our staff at Platinum Valet undergoes rigorous background checks to insure they are in good standing both with their driver’s license and with the law.  Our team members must complete one full week of training before we send them out on a job.  Training includes handling different vehicles properly and with care as well as our personal touch of familiarizing out staff with your venue or event.

Great question.  In our experience, most people interested in offering a valet at a private party do so because it enhances the event, and adds a level of elegance to the affair.  In some cases, parking may be limited on a private block or housing development and our services eliminate the need for your guests to park blocks away and walk to and from your party.  The best part, is that you can add a touch of class to your private event all for much less than you think.  Contact us today to discuss your event.

Believe it or not, there are companies that skimp on the equipment they use when parking for their clients.  Our staff is prepared with high-end custom signage as well as premium key podium and valet tickets.  We also have cones as well as lighted hand-held directional flashlights for your convenience.  In fact, you can even contact us to learn about our custom signage creation and personalized valet tickets.  We realize that we are vital extension of your overall brand and we do everything possible to make sure we represent you with style.

We take pride in our appearance, and we’re glad that you do as well.  Our attendants are all required to wear black pants and dress shoes as well as our Platinum Valet polo shirt.  We can also accommodate special requests if necessary  such as white-gloved service for private affairs.  Professionalism is our priority and we look forward to speaking with you about your personal needs.